​I've been painting professionally for 26 years. I work with acrylic paint, often combined with pencil and crayon, on canvas. Inspiration comes from my stock of ideas in my imagination, and taking things I see around me and breaking them down, visually, to near-geometric forms and wandering lines.

My paintings are the result of many layers and processes, including textured base layers, acrylic paint transfers, resist via crayon, reduction in areas and sgraffito to name a few.  The last process is always to  "patina" each piece by using art pencil to add further detail and "graffiti."

All of this takes quite a bit of time.  There is a LOT going on in each piece and the background texture is loaded with visual interest only seen when you step up close.

I have a degree in fine art.  I've shown in hundreds of fine art fairs around the country and work with galleries, dealers and designers. My work is owned by numerous private collectors, businesses, civic organizations and corporations on five continents.

I like that people are intrigued by the originality of my work, yet feel a familiarity in its sophisticated naivety.

Kathleen Murphy Willer Studio
Menomonee Falls, WI (near Milwaukee)
"Birds On Birds"   60" x 48", in its home, West Palm Beach, FL
"Fifteen Trees"   36" x 60", in its home, Chicago, IL
"I paint how I see the world in my mind.  All the little background drawings 
are images I've collected from things I've seen around me and in my imagination my entire life."
"Selected Wildflowers"   30" x 24", in its home, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"Paper Bag Trees"   24" x 30", in its home, Western Springs, IL
"Unusual Landscape"   48" x 60", in its home, Delray Beach, FL