Commissioned paintings allow you to have input as to the size, colors, and/or overall feel of a painting. The work is still in my style, but may be tailored to suit your home or work environment.  There is an additional cost for this as there is more work involved. I have created countless commissioned paintings, from 30" x 40" to a large 8' x 18' corporate mural and everything in between.    
Contact me and we'll make it work for you!


From a happy client:
"Here you are with Miro, Picasso, and Baez ( a well-known Cuban artist), right where you belong. Regards, Joe."
"Tranquility and Distraction"
(48" x 60", commissioned)
Chicago, IL

"Wildflowers and Birds"
(48" x 72", commissioned)
Madison, NJ
"Waves and Seashells"
(40" x 36", commissioned to complement another of my pieces installed in the same room)
Delray Beach, FL
a c r y l i c    p a i n t i n g s
"Field With Seven Pairs of Birds"
(40" x 100", triptych, commissioned, McQueeney, TX
"Blue Trees on Grey"
(44" x 64", commissioned, Hollywood, FL