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"Dear Deer" 48" x 72"

"Dear Deer" 48" x 72"




Original painting. 48" x 72".  Acrylic, oil, pencil on canvas.

1.5" deep sides are painted - ready to hang.

SHIPPING - Discounted shipping (including packing, insurance and tracking) for this painting is $625 in the continental U.S. (Please contact me for a shipping quote outside the continental U.S.)


Please contact me if you have questions.  Thank you!  - Kathleen

  • My inspiration for this painting.

    This spring, just before dawn, and on more than one occasion, I awoke to find two deer in my front yard - a male and a female. (It's purposefully not clear which is which in my painting, but if you look closely, you'll see.)   As I painted, the shape that resembles their ears became a repeated form on the canvas, making this piece particularly lovely. Like all of my work, "Dear Deer" is loaded with numerous layers of acrylic, oil and pencil - you'll be discovering little surprises for a long time!   

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